by Jose Gallego

"My notebook is half others and half me, and what I want to make is something in between. I pore and pour alternately, each informing the other, the sides flipping and curling like fortunes on my opening hands."

by Emma Aylor

Little Room

On an apartment in Montreal.

by Ellie Parker

New Year's Revolutions

"And every new year starts out the same way — ‘This year will be different.’"

by Allison Leow

Class of 1965

A DIY fashion collage series

by Bijou Karman

Failed Ekphrastic

"We are part echoes. Reverse of a regular
language, modal logic gisting down the alley.
All night I hear clairvoyance in the foyer, chanting
the lamps full. Onyx, coccyx, ingot of zinc.

by Lindsey Hutchison


She dreamed her skin
Was made of seaglass, sterling underneath,
That ‘sickness’ named was just another word
For ‘silver,’ the oil slick antidote
On her tongue, seeping.”

by Claire Friedman


"Sitting there in your armchair,
You may not move, but I know you

by Julia Goodman



I want to nestle; wrestle
honeywasps; drown.”

by Meha Semwal

Lake of Two Mountains

Stills from a movie in progress

by Ellie Parker