Sun City

"While out snapping, I was approached by a Mr. Sam Bybee, who looked curiously at me photographing his front lawn. ‘So you like what I’ve done with the place?’ he asked me, pulling out his wallet and showing me a badge. ‘I was a Texas Ranger for 32 years. This lawn is a tribute to a life I once knew. Want a tour?’ I followed him into the backyard, passing an overweight beagle, whom he referred to lovingly by the name Peaches. ‘I’ve owned 117 dogs. I just had to bury one today. I get them from the pound up the street, so they don’t have to put as many of them down. If any of your friends ever want one, I get them their shots and give them away for free. Never could respect anyone who charged money for a dog.’"

by Anna Hollow